Oasis Brand Hot and Cold Filtered Water Dispenser with Direct Chill and RO

Feature rich water dispenser: More Direct Chilled  water, quick cold recovery. Sealed cooling system for sanitary design – no open reservoir. Filtered or Reverse Osmosis treated water. Oasis Brand reliability and longevity. 5-year limited warranty. Easy soft touch interface. Energy Star rated. Purchase or monthly service agreement. CALL 303-HOW-PURE.  FREE TRIAL  for 4 […]

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Water UV disinfection

Aqua-Polaris ultraviolet (UV) lamps disinfect water for residential and commercial applications. These lamps create light at 254 nm wavelength, this wavelength disinfects bacteria and viruses. The UV system installs on the inlet pipe to your house while neutralizing bacteria. A UV lamp purifier should be installed in every home suspect of coliform bacteria for safe […]

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Water Filter-Reverse Osmosis Based Drinking Water System -RO-310

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Basic System: High capacity, 50 gallon/day TFC membrane, 4 gallon storage tank and standard faucet and standard drop-in cartridges. Water filter system that makes reverse osmosis drinking water. This water filter is actually a drinking water system that includes a five micron/carbon taste and odor pre-filter […]

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