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Brita Pro Water Filter Sales in ColoradoBrita® PRO Water Softener Can Save You Money

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There are many benefits to using soft water. Plumbing, water fixtures and all water using appliances like :washing machines, dish washers, water heaters and steamers will all last longer! Soft water makes cleaning products last longer too. Use only 2 tablespoons of your favorite automatic dish soap in the closed cup of the dishwasher. In the washing machine 1/2 the amount! For hair washing use much less. your whites will be whiter. Your clothes won’t wear out as fast meaning, less lint! Your skin and hair will be softer and silkier. Glasses and silverware will be virtually spot free. Soft water is also a time saver when it comes to cleaning. Significantly reducing soap scum build up in the bathtub and shower means less time down on your hands and knees!

The harder your water is the more obvious are these benefits. See how a water softener works.


Brita® PRO Softeners Can Save You Money!

Our Platinum Softener records the water used in your home every day and builds a profile of the last 4 weeks. This allows the softener to anticipate your needs, reserving the right amount for each day of the week. As a result, your Brita® PRO will run more cost effectively while at the same time making sure you have plenty of soft water.

Our Platinum and Gold Systems also include:

  • Automatic system flush: this “vacation mode” freshens the tank and plumbing system if you’re away from home for 7 days. This prevents bacteria growth and is a great way to preserve the life of the filter bed.

  • Emergency regeneration: if you have a spike in water usage, the system will automatically perform a quick 20-minute recharge to restore up to 33% system capacity, keeping you in soft water until a complete regeneration that night

  • Soft water brine tank refill: why fill your brine tank with raw, untreated water? Our Brita® PRO Platinum conserves capacity and keeps the tank cleaner by refilling with soft water

Features Platinum Gold
Regeneration Type UpFlow UpFlow
Valve Size (Porting) 1″ ¾”
Continuous (15 psi drop) 27 gpm 20 gpm
Peak (25 psi drop) 35 gpm 26 gpm
Max. Backwash (25 psi drop) 27 gpm 17 gpm
Typical Applications Up to 18” Softeners
Up to 18” Filters
Up to 16” Softeners
Up to 14” Filters
Certification IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 44 IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 44
Soft Water Brine Refill Yes Yes
Rotating Diagnostic Screen Yes Yes
Emergency Regeneration Yes Yes
Automatic System Refresh Yes Yes
Automatic Backwash Override Yes Yes
Precision Brining Yes Yes
Variable Reserve Yes
Service/Maintenance and Salt Reminder Yes


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What is Upflow Regeneration?

Traditional water softeners use “downflow”, which depletes the unused portion of the resin bed with every regeneration. Think of it as draining your gas tank before filling it up.

Brita® PRO Platinum and Gold Systems use “upflow” regeneration, which drives the hardness minerals up through the already depleted resin and out to drain, saving both salt and the unused portion of the resin for future use. In fact, that process supercharges the bottom portion of the softening bed, providing more consistent and softer water at a lower cost.

Brita® PRO has smart softeners!

Found in our Platinum and Gold Series Softeners, the precision brining feature uses only the precise amount of salt needed to regenerate the depleted portion of the softener resin, saving an additional 15-30% of salt per regeneration.