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There are many benefits to using soft water. Plumbing, water fixtures and all water using appliances like; washing machines, dish washers, water heaters and steamers will all last longer! Soft water makes cleaning products last longer too. Use only 2 tablespoons of your favorite automatic dish soap in the closed cup only of the dishwasher. In the washing machine ½ the amount! For hair washing use much less. Your whites will be whiter. Your clothes won’t wear out as fast meaning, less lint! Your skin and hair will be softer and silkier. Glasses and silverware will be virtually spot free. Soft water is also a time saver when it comes to cleaning. Significantly reducing soap scum build up in the bathtub and shower means less time down on your hands and knees!

The harder your water is the more obvious are these benefits. See how a water softener works.

The system’s dual sensors measure the conductivity of the resin bed to determine the true softening capacity. This advanced technology ensures the system provides 100% of its treatment capacity before regenerating with additional salt and water. Even when the incoming water hardness changes.

The Smart Sensor Softener is robust and the most cutting edge water softener on the market. Not only get the awesome benefits of soft water.

  1. Softer and cleaner skin with less dryness and itch.
  2. Silky smooth hair, less tangle and frayed ends.
  3. About 50% less soap when washing dishes, clothes and yourself. Clothes last longer.
  4. Less time cleaning and longer time in between.
  5. Scale elimination in water heating appliances.

Get these benefits with the most efficient water softener sensor based controller. Instead of initiating a regeneration with time of week or volume used, the SS1 controller initiates a regeneration based on the hardness sensor. When coupled with the alternating twin tank design, you have the most salt and water efficient system on the market with 7/24 service and soft water regeneration.


Salt and water savings by using 100% capacity of the tank in service before switching to the second tank

Dual sensor that reads varying shifts in hardness and adjusts valve settings for optimal performance and savings

Self learning valve that changes regeneration cycles with changing incoming water quality so you have consistent soft water coming out.

Regenerates immediately when needed for continuous soft water.

Regenerates with soft water and keeps system clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance, up-flow brining

Proven technology and performance

Corrosion-free fiber-reinforced polymer valve body

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