Water Systems Denver CO

Over 100 Years Of Experience

Our water technicians have over 100 years experience. We repair all major brands of water treatment systems and filters.  You can count on us to match your specific water problem with the correct technology. We can customize the system to correct specific water problems. We are a licensed plumbing contractor who specializes in water conditioning.

AQUA SERVE is the water treatment division that designs, sells, installs and services water treatment devices. We have world wide access to many technologies and price points. Some of the contaminants are chlorine, hardness, iron, VOC, pharmaceuticals, radio-activity, PFAS, lead, radon, bacteria, virus and hydrogen sulfide. The following technologies are used; nano membrane, ultra-filtration,  reverse osmosis, ion exchange, carbon filtration, ultra-violet light, aeration, sediment filtration and ozone. These technologies are used on a point of entry and point of use basis. AQUA SERVE also provides three gallon bottled water and bottle-free filter coolers. We serve residential, commercial, small water systems and industrial customers. We also do wholesale, salt delivery, consulting services and water tests.

Accurate Plumbing and Heating  is the plumbing and heating division. This includes general plumbing and heating repairs, water heaters, boilers, furnaces, garbage disposals, faucet and toilet repairs, fixture replacement, gas lines, remodels and basement finishes.

We refer to ourselves  as “Accurate / AQUA SERVE”.

On Staff are PE, Chem E, Master Plumber, WQA Member, WQA Certified Installer and WQA Master Water Specialists and State Certified Small Systems Operator. Workman’s Comp, General Liability and Auto Insurance policies are in place.

Longevity, Reliability and Efficiency

Water testing is a must to determine the solution.  The proper specification and performance of equipment requires the following steps:

  1. Listen to clients water dislikes and observations.
  2. Do water tests to confirm your and clients observations.
  3. Consider options and make recommendation.
  4. Properly install equipment.
  5.  Explain system to client.
  6. Validate performance.
  7.  Set-up service requirements .