If you’re in need of a top-notch water softener, filter, or reverse osmosis system but prefer not to buy it outright, renting could be the ideal option. Our rental program enables you to lease the system you require, with prompt installation, all without the hefty upfront expenses typically associated with buying. Moreover, you often accrue rental points that can be applied toward a future purchase.

Here’s how our rental program works:

  • Eligible systems for rent include water softeners, iron and odor filters, reverse osmosis systems, and refiners.
  • Most rental products are brand new, though reconditioned systems may be available.
  • Low costs: You’ll only need to invest in installation and the first month’s rental upfront.
  • The installation fee covers the removal of any old equipment you want us to dispose of.
  • You can choose to purchase the system at any time, and we’ll credit you 12-24 months of rental points toward the purchase price.
  • AQUA SERVE covers 100% of service charges (parts and labor) for rentals, excluding salt and POE cartridge replacement.
  • No fees for equipment servicing.
  • No deposit required.
  • Month-to-month terms for flexibility.



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